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Academic Writing and ChatGPT

Jennifer Reid   /   March 17, 2023

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Welcome to, the Winnipeg School of Communication’s online learning environment! At the Winnipeg School, we take a holistic approach to the study of media. Here, integrated thinking meets media criticism via inquiry, communication, and arts education. Feel free to peruse our journal, Winnsox, engage in a program of self-study, or sample our learning resources. Get in touch about our custom course design, professional development, and consulting services.

Why is it important to study media? If we consider the impact of media on a global scale, we can more readily grasp the need to ground our understanding of language, literacy, and communication in the examination of textual practices. That is, we must take a pragmatic approach to the analysis of all forms of text that we produce. For example, by taking this approach, we can understand the climate crisis as a breakdown of communication requiring immediate intervention. Sound methods of textual analysis, developed by the Winnipeg School of Communication’s Media Language Arts program, are designed to tackle the global issues of the 21st century.

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