Winnipeg School of Communication


The new discovery of the 2020s is that we live in uncertain times, in the midst of rapidly evolving situations, and that we have to make ready for unprecedented change. The Winnipeg School of Communication provides a range of services to support agile, flexible and creative communities. We help individuals and groups embrace the realities of learning, working, and leading in the 21st century. Our goal is to share our knowledge with you and give you the tools to grow forward with independence and confidence as you navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. We believe that fixing today’s problems with yesterday’s tools is just not good enough.

Business Solutions: beyond the bottom line

You are an SME or larger business that wants to grow forward, and you’re facing some challenges. Perhaps some—or all—of the following apply to you:

you want improved communication with clients and/or employees

you want to increase agility, flexibility, and creativity at work

you want more professional and successful remote working

you want more efficiency

you want even better working relationships

you want to tap into the ageless potential of all your employees

you want to retain the workers you invested in

Most importantly: you are ready to move on from these challenges by investing in fully customized improvements that will translate into positive value outcomes for your business.

We partner with you to identify your unique challenges. We advise you on ways you can effectively implement the change you want to see.

Let’s see if we’re a fit: get it touch with us to book your complementary anyplace or in-place consultation.