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Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid is the Director of the Winnipeg School of Communication and the Editor-in-Chief of its journal, Winnsox. Her abiding passion is exploration of the interconnections between language, media, and identity, both historically and in the contemporary world. She has lectured and presented at universities around the world on topics focussing on the media and communications.

Jennifer earned her PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto (where she also completed her MA), and was trained by leading academics in the field at the Centre for Medieval Studies. During her time at Toronto as a PhD candidate, she was the recipient of the Thomas and Beverley Simpson Award, a three-year Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and the Colin Chase Award from the Centre for Medieval Studies. She went on to do post-doctoral research as a Fellow of the Institute for Humanities Research at the University of Amsterdam, and was a Visiting Scholar with the Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program at the University of Auckland. During her undergraduate she pursued an Honours BA in Celtic Studies, English, and History, and graduated cum laude from the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. While still an undergraduate, Jennifer received a scholarship to study as a language exchange student in the Gaeltacht of Connemara through NUI Galway.

As a professor, Jennifer has taught language, literature, and culture from the Middle Ages to Modernity with the Celtic Studies Program at the University of Toronto, the Department of English at York University, and currently teaches in the Department of English and the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications at the University of Winnipeg. She recently joined the University’s Interdisciplinary Linguistics Program as an instructor. Prior to Jennifer’s arrival at Winnipeg, she taught media and communications with the Book and Media Studies Program at the University of Toronto. She is a Member of the Media Ecology Association, and recently presented a paper on Marshall McLuhan’s engagement with academic medievalism in his major works on media at their 2019 international convention.

Jennifer’s passion for media and communications was set in motion by a lifetime of involvement in the arts. She is a Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, and is a former international performer and competitor in Highland Dancing. She has published poetry in both English and Irish Gaelic in the Hart House Review, Acta Victoriana, Garm Lu, and The Grammateion. As a contributor to SoundProof music magazine, Jennifer covered Canadian Music Week and the New Zealand Music Awards, and went on to become the Managing Editor of their international team of journalists and photographers. She is the former Director of the Mercy Spirituality Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.